Who Am I

Let Me Tell You About Myself

I was born in Warsaw, Poland. There I was preoccupied with training acrobatics, performing, going to school, socialising and travelling. At the age of 18 I met my future husband. As a young bride I moved twice around the world. I lived 7 years in a green and luscious Charlotte NC, US studying biology and psychology. Then in 2004 we chose to live in a sunny and breathtaking Adelaide in Australia. Here I completed MBA and had two children. I felt that there was still a big gap in my life and that gap was my unfulfilled passion and love for photography. I was hungry to learn how I could capture world the way I saw it . I’ve decided to enrolled in a school for professional photographers. Till today I feel that my first 3 hour introductory course was the best and deciding moment for my photographic life path. My enthusiasm and education was the right combination for me to be able to create an amazing art. I know that I will never stop taking photographs.