African Tribes

This collection features African tribes. Photographs capture real living testament of the rich ancient cultures and traditions still living among our modern world. Each tribe continuously practices their own unique customs, rituals, beliefs and way of life that is mutually respected among each other.

It was an incredible privilege to be able to socialise and get to know those great people who let me capture their portraits and their way of living.

Beats Of Africa

In Kenya, I found myself in constant wonder and awe. The spectacular fauna and flora awoke my deepest passion for the animal world. Being there, I felt as if I was moving through invisible roads of fairy-tale, always ready to be surprised by marvellous 4-legged creatures. Those, almost mythical, majestic beings never ceased to stop my breathing or take my heart away.

Exploring through the dust of rugged and bumpy endless tracks, soaked in the opulent sun, I started feeling at One with Nature. The sound of heavy lionesses’ panting and her pungent coat scent; the hippos singing at night and the zebras’ narration of events; the musical elephants’ trumpets and wildebeests’ conversations; the vultures’ carefully choreographed dance over a kill and flamingos amusing rhythmic movements; the hyenas’ cheeky playfulness and curiosity and timid cheetahs’ meows. I always want to feel that way: so close to nature.

This is my artistic version of what I saw and of what will come next…

Ballet Dancers

Ever since I was a young girl I was fascinated with the magical world of ballet: the unmatched beauty of the dancers, their exquisite costumes, uncompromised elegance and grace, the mesmerising and enchanting music, dazzling lights, and stunning theatrical backdrops. The entire aura was like a secret garden or intriguing universe.
These are real ballerinas in a real world, taking a centre stage in the middle of Havana – a city in ruins – all of them filled with enthusiasm and charisma, proudly performing in front of my camera. Their simple costumes, torn stockings, and worn-out ballet shoes made them seem more beautiful and sophisticated. Their jumps seemed higher, stretches longer, determination stronger. In spite challenging life circumstances, these young women exceeded my every expectation. They were delicate, feminine, soft, while at the same time holding an air of hardness, resilience and power.


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Streets Of Havana

Cuba has always fascinated me, hypnotised me- a place of warn down buildings, tired streets, and broken sidewalks shimmering under the raw sun and heavy steps of life. The more time I spend in Havana, the more I was drawn in by the Cuban people and their vibrant way of life. They capture my imagination- and over time, my heart.

I cannot get enough of Cuba.

With this collection I seek to capture the mystique and allure of Havana, as well as its unrefined coarseness. Each photographic artwork is my interpretation of rough and textured atmosphere, indicating a world of shattered dreams and promises. Brittle and fragile to the touch, like a dried tobacco leaf ready to fall apart any moment.


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People & Places

Whether on my doorstep or another country, famous cities or unknown villages, I am charmed and wooed by places far and near. My eyes wide open, hungry, ready to take in the hidden alleys, streets, shapes, and objects that form our world.


Art accentuates and personalises the places where we live and work. My photographs inspire and revive lifeless interiors-homes as well as businesses-and transforms them into vibrant, interesting and engaging environments. Clients acquire my artwork because they feel a connection to the story that each photograph conveys.

Kati Thanda

Flying 1500 feet over the Kati Thanda I felt like eating from the palms of Mother Nature’s hands. She was feeding me with the most delicious deserts: Blue Velvet cake, warm chocolate chip cookies, blueberry vanilla milkshake, fresh strawberry ice-cream, followed by fruity fairy floss and many more. I can easily imagine tasting those delicacies just by looking at those aerial photographs. I don’t know if anyone will believe me, but those are not yummy treats, those are salt formations 200 million years in the making. The only way to appreciate and capture this Nature’s wonder was by flying high and zooming out through an open door. Kati Thanda, known as Lake Eyre, allowed me to express myself as an artist by indulging into its spectacular ancient creations.