Kenya and Ethiopia have captured my heart and imagination. As the golden rays hit the African sun kissed horizon, my journey began with a safari, a thrilling expedition into the untamed wilderness where every rustle of grass held the promise of a mystery and majestic encounters. Venturing beyond the vastness of savannah, I found myself welcomed into the rich traditions of the Masai people, guardians of ancient wisdom and custodians of the land.

My journey continued in 3000-year-old Ethiopia, a land of enigmatic beauty, cultural diversity and mutual respect. Time seemed to be an abstract in this ancient and historically rich land. Almost at the standstill. Wandering among colourful city of Harar and Omo Valley villages, socialising with children, men, women and elderly from the local tribes I realised that I became enchanted by their authenticity, uniqueness, strength, endurance and biggest smiles.

Through my snapshots you can feel the wildlife’s heartbeat and glance into the authentic interwoven cultures that continue to exist among modern worlds.

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